Ecthalion was founded by Andres (guitars) and Lauri (guitars) in 1998. By 2000 we had a stable (and able) enough group to record a demo called 'In the Embrace of Nocurnity'. While the quality of the production was nothing to celebrate, it got surprisingly positive feedback, mostly from abroad, and more surprisingly, still does. After the recording, Ingmar (bass) was replaced by Raul, the most stable member of us all. Constant lineup changes, motivational problems and stylistic disagreements tore the band apart by 2004. There were a few notable live performances (eg warming up Behemoth), but the band was dysfunctional. In 2009-2010 Andres (guitars) and Raul (bass), with the assistance of Mariana (vocals), went to the studio to record most of the newer material, titled 'The Dispassion play'. It was more of a 'project', and thus was never released. In 2018 Andres and Lauri decided to ressurect the band as a BAND, Kristjan (drums) and Raul (bass) had enough enthusiasm to join. Kaili (vocals) was unexpected but pleasant finds to bring it to completion. Long sory short: Ecthalion is back! The embers glow brighter than ever and the ashes can't extuingish them!


Phone: +372 53789422
Email: ecthalion@ecthalion.com